Teresa Estapé
Teresa Estapé XXX

The Cannons


Los Cañones (The Cannons), 2013. Urban intervention. Turó de la Rovira, Barcelona

An artistic intervention that contrasts the beauty of a privileged overview of the city of Barcelona with the fact of it having been one of the areas of poor housing used in the sixties by migrant workers from all over Spain.

This veiled history of Barcelona is the starting point of this installation that disrupts the landscape through a fragment of a vinyl text on the walls of a small structure at the entrance, reproducing an excerpt of the testimony of a woman who for a number of years lived in the shacks known as ‘the cannons’. The excerpt is taken from the documentary film Barraques. La ciutat oblidada (Shacks. The Forgotten City), and reads as follows: ‘Today it’s very pleasant, very attractive for those who come here for a walk. You can see Barcelona from all sides. But when we lived here nobody ever came up to this godforsaken place, even God was against us.’ The sober typography creates a straight line around the small construction, in contrast with the wild surrounding landscape, and acts as a remnant of the memory of the difficult lives of newcomers who had to fight lengthily for their basic rights that are now contested and silenced in different ways.’